How To Live a Healthy and Happy Life
By: Rambo Ruiz

Every single day we do lots of activities that we think are beneficial to us and will bring us happiness together with our loved ones. Without noticing how much time we wasted on things that are not really helping us in maintaining our health, which will give us more happiness. Having your body fit and healthy means a happier you.

There are things that we need to avoid and habits that need some slight changes. If you have not given any thought of quitting smoking, drinking too much alcohol and eating fatty foods, it is now time for you to think twice and start following what your body is telling you, that is “you do not need these things”. You have been taught probably by your teachers in school, a friend or maybe a family member that these things are bad for you and your body. And you might be thinking that these are just too hard for you to do. Well guess what, I know someone who was once an alcoholic for 6 years had managed to stop his bad habit of drinking and smoking and is now biking with his son and goes out fishing with his wife. I also have a friend who loosed his weight from 384 Lbs to 163 Lbs. He’s now more confident in giving trainings and holding workshops about people relations. If they made it, yes you can also make it! What are their secrets and many other people that are like them?

 First, they start to believe that those harmful substances (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.) are really not for them to partake and are hurting their relationship with their families and bad habits such as sleeping very late or having a lack of sleep causes tensions at work because they are not in the mood to do their job.

 Second, they indulge themselves to regular exercising. None of them ever went into a gym to do their work outs. They used regular stuff that can be found in their homes, lifting gallons of drinking water instead of dumbbells. Ropes, chords or shoe laces as jump ropes for 10 minutes a day before going to bed. Speaking of “bed”, do you know that just by fixing your bed every morning burns 1% of your body’s calorie? Imagine how much calorie you can burn by taking your morning walk (with your dog if you have one) for 30 to 40 minutes a day.

 They start to remember their grade school teacher’s lesson about the “the food pyramid” where it shows what food to eat, when to eat them and how much percentage of each food group should they intake. My alcoholic friend started drinking a glass of milk every morning, eat hardboiled egg and some tuna sandwich while my fat friend avoided too much rice which is full of carbohydrates instead, he stocked lots of bananas and eat them once a day. This is called “the banana diet”, it has been extremely popular in Japan back in 2008 and it worked for him.

 Of course they too have experienced hearing their friends or sometimes their own voices saying “oh that’s just too hard and unacceptable for you, you cannot make it”. But hey, they love their family more than they love others and themselves, so a little tap on their shoulders from their son or wife is enough for them to continue with what they are doing. So you might want to let your family members know what you are up to and ask them to remind you if ever they notice that you’re slacking. This will surely work!

 Remember, if you are healthy you’ll have more time with your loved ones to spend with, you won’t have to think of your arthritis when your son or grandson asked you to play badminton, basketball or even swimming with them or playing golf with your associates. Keeping your body in shape will increase love and affection with your spouse.

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